Posted by: connectivetissue | September 2, 2009

Our conective tissue ocean

Each one of our body’s billions of cells are contacted by and bathed in connective tissue.  In fact, if you’ve ever had a bloody lip, you’ve probably noticed how much blood can taste like sea water?  This is because all forms of life originated from the ocean billions of years ago. These ancient single cells received all of their nutrition from the ocean and also eliminated their waste products into this same ocean.

Your Connective Tissue Ocean

Your Connective Tissue Ocean

As multi-celled organisms developed, they faced the challenge not only of how to stick together, but also how to get food to the cells that were no longer in contact with the ocean’s surface.  Thus was born the first connective tissue.  Today this ocean is alive inside of us as our connective tissue!

Our connective tissue functions as our body’s ocean.  Like the oceans of old, the matrix nourishes all cells in our body, and all waste products of cells pass through this matrix.  Thus the matrix is the medium through which all of our nutrition comes into our cells and through which all waste products are eliminated.  Just like the primordial ocean was for the first life forms, so is the connective tissue today for us!

So then what happens when our own body’s connective tissue ocean gets polluted?  Pollutants in the form of alcohol and toxic chemicals, allergens, and pollutants in our environment, as well as stress hormones and poor blood sugar regulation can damage the ecosystem of our internal ocean.  It probably doesn’t surprise you that this pollution results in many types of chronic disease.

So what is the solution to the problem of this polluted connective tissue ocean?  The answer goes back to the old naturopathic theory of helping organs of detoxification and elimination such as the liver and kidneys to remove the pollutants from our matrix ocean.  One of the best ways to do this is through homeopathic cellular drainage.  Drainage, accompanied by exercise, a good diet and lifestyle, as well as detoxification support can work wonders not only for chronic disease, but for healthy people is well.  It is I believe, one of the best ways to enhance performance and extend the maximum number of healthy years to our lives.

In health,

-Dr. Jake


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